Ain’t nobody here but us chickens

Just came back from the henhouse, where the chickens are starting to go stir crazy from the long winter. They have room to walk around, various shelves and objects to perch on, and they even have a new rooster (name’s Chicken) to henpeck. I think they notice the light is returning – for one thing, they’re laying more eggs these days.

But they’ve given up trying to find new and exciting places to lay, and they seem to be walking round in circles. A highlight of their day is when I drop an egg by accident and they take that as a sign from the gods, all evidence of which must be destroyed.

They are definitely bored. No worms to scratch, no dirt for baths, no tiny pebbles to ingest, and no garden shade to enjoy. Winter sucks for them even more than it does for us humans.

At least we can sing and play to pass the time.

Here’s the original version, made popular by Louis Jordan in 1946 (strangely, the video does not include a single chicken):

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8 Comments on “Ain’t nobody here but us chickens”

  1. skdadl Says:

    Heh. And here I thought you were going to send me into difficult thoughts about my supper. Instead, you’ve given me entertaining thoughts about my breakfast. 😉

  2. Cool videos. Though I have to say the 1946 version has better music. Have you seen ‘Chicken Run’?

  3. brebis noire Says:

    Heh, no egg breakfast for me tomorrow – I broke all (four) eggs this morning. The two cracked ones went to some grateful cats, and the other two were devoured by the chickens. Thankfully, they distinguish very well between intact and broken eggs; I used to have chickens who didn’t.

  4. brebis noire Says:

    Lillian: I did see Chicken Run! Are they the same people who produce Shaun the Sheep?
    My favourite chicken moment in any film was Mr Bean’s Holiday. So nice to see a real chicken running; so few of them get the chance.

  5. deBeauxOs Says:

    If you pay attention, at the 29 second mark, there’s an illustration of the inside of an old-fashioned chicken coop. You can stop the YouTube to see it better.

  6. mouthyorange Says:

    Hey, I think your comment that is missing from the Not a Nice Lady thread at JJ’s turned up in the OMFG thread above it. JJ tried to move it, but it turned out to be way complicated to do that so she threw up her hands.

  7. mouthyorange Says:

    My cats are going nuts, too. One prefers to be outdoors in the Summer in the woods outside our house. Just checks in for a snooze. She gets cabin fever in the Winter, big-time. The other is much more of a house-cat. She seems to be happiest when we’re around. The first one is taking out her frustration by tearing down the house. We will not de-claw her but she’s done hundreds of dollars of damage already, if not more than that. We’re buying her a six-foot-tall cat tree, a good quality one custom-made by a guy in Central Ontario. Knowing her ways as I do, I think she’ll love it, especially after we’ve planted tidbits of smelly cheddar cheese or something on its perches. It’ll become her indoor jungle. I hope!

  8. hemmingforddogblog Says:

    I think all the animals are getting cabin fever. My grey cat has taken to punching the chocolate lab on the nose. The dog thinks it’s a game. (She’s a lab — everything is a game.) The cats sit at the patio door screaming to get out, and when you open the door, they look at you like it’s your fault that it’s -20c out. Please, please, warmer weather. 8)

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