Obama puppy from Canada?

Although I’ve already expressed my semi-professional unsolicited advice that the Obamas should adopt a greyhound, it would be a nice gesture if they adopted a puppy from this shelter in my hometown.

The Winnipeg Humane Society helped police break up an illegal puppy mill in the city in December, and seized 55 Labradoodles, including 21 puppies and two pregnant females.

One of them, named “Lilly,” has since given birth to a litter of 11 “bright and happy” puppies, the shelter’s executive director Bill MacDonald told AFP.

“When I learned that President Obama’s first official state visit would be to Canada, and that he was looking for a puppy for his daughters, I thought a shelter puppy would make a great gift from our government,” he said.

I’ve seen a few Labradoodles in my rural practice, and while I retain a bit of healthy skepticism about new-fangled crosses, I have to admit the doodles are nice-sized dogs with a good temperament – not as rambunctious as Labs, smart like…well, poodles, and hopefully the poodle genes will diminish the risks of hip dysplasia.

Of course, it’s never good to see a breed come into super-vogue, but I’m hopeful that we’re moving past that era into a new one where dogs are appreciated as mutts rather than as a specialised breed.

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11 Comments on “Obama puppy from Canada?”

  1. I love mutts. I hope he gets one!

  2. My vote is for the labradoodle. If it is any like ours it can’t help but restore the world’s impression of America.


  3. saskboy Says:

    That’s a really good idea, and a way to get his country interested in Canada. He’ll never do it.

  4. brebisnoire Says:

    saskboy, aren’t you the pessimist? 😉

  5. brebisnoire Says:

    Constant, you have a lovely dog. Do you find your Labradoodle to be overly energetic?

  6. brebisnoire Says:

    Lillian, mutts are really the best, but there’s definitely been a trend away from them in the past few decades. Everybody wants a dog that they can identify as a particular breed, even if they aren’t purebred and don’t have papers. Many people think they’ve been shortchanged if they get a mutt at a petstore for example.
    It would be great to bring back mutts, for economic and medical reasons. (Sometimes I wonder if the reason I don’t see many mutts in practice is because they’re almost never sick, or if they’re just not out there.)

  7. Frank Frink Says:

    The Obama’s daughter’s allergies play into their breed decision. A mutt, much as I also like the idea, would likely not be suitable A Labradoodle would be better choice under those circumstances.

  8. Frank Frink Says:

    Oh, I should mention that I have cats, not dogs, but one is a street rescue and the other adopted as a shelter kitten. The street rescue has to be one of the sweetest and most affectionate cats I’ve ever known.

  9. brebisnoire Says:

    Well, if the Labradoodle wasn’t a planned cross, then we would have called it a mutt.
    I’m kind of skeptical about the hypoallergenic aspect of Labradoodles – the poodle would contribute low-shedding genes rather than hypoallergenicity. Allergies can be highly variable (I suffer from them myself – various animal allergies, though not severe), and it seems to me that if you’re allergic to dog, you can’t eliminate symptoms just by choosing a particular breed.
    Marketing, is what it is.

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